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Tom, 64

“Hearing Tina play fills our home with joy. She’s improving all the time. Her practice days are the highlight of our week!”

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Treated his wife Tina to Simply Piano 6 months ago

Suzanne, 28

“I haven’t seen my dad this happy in years. He always loved music but with Simply Piano he’s completely hooked! Last week he even played Justin Bieber!”

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Started her father on his magical music journey last year

More than 120K parents are learning piano with us right now. It’s their time to shine!

John, 35

“I got Dani the Simply Piano app and, oh boy, has she come alive! Seeing how excited she gets when she plays her favorite Disney songs brings tears to my eyes.”

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Treated his 10 year old daughter to Simply Piano

Simply Piano helped over 550,000 music-lovers learn piano this year.

86% of beginners can play songs with both hands within 11 days!

What They'll Get in Simply Piano

A fun, easy way to learn piano!

Step-by-step lessons from beginner to pro

5,000+ songs and sheet music for all musical tastes

Instant feedback helps them sharpen their skills

Simple, easy to use interface

Works with any piano or keyboard